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We must demonstrate the superiority of God through our joyful praise and faithful obedience.
God has provided us relationships in order to exercise holiness in helping others conform to the image of Christ.
In Christ we are cultural aliens and strangers whose purpose is to live and teach the transforming message of the gospel.
Personal holiness is grounded in God's righteousness and lived out through obedience to God's Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Coming of the Lord

November 9, 2008

God brings glory to Himself by humbling the wise of this world through the display of His infinite wisdom.
By His grace, God lovingly responds with favor to the Christ glorifying commitment of every true believer.
Refusal to compromise God's Word requires a conscious, God empowered commitment on the part of the individual believer.
God raises up His people to live without compromising His Word even in the face of an increasingly dominant secular culture.
God has sovereignly directed history to judge his people Israel and He continues to direct all events to glorify Himself in dealing with His people the church.
God is the sovereign Lord of the universe who works all of history for His glory through the person and work of His Son in defeating worldly powers, redeeming His…
God's Word as exemplified in the book of Daniel, is given by His inspiration, is inerrant in every detail, and is sufficient to strengthen us in life an godliness.
The power and perfection of God's Word is clearly revealed in our lives as we joyfully worship Him for His mighty work and carefully conform to His image through His…
Only when we celebrate the power and presence of God are we able to deepen in His love and reflect His holiness.
Praising God for all His worth enables us to rest in God through all our work.
God is pleased to pour out His blessing upon the individual who fears the Lord resulting in blessings to his family and the church of God as a whole.
You must rest in the Lord as your good and merciful Savior so that you might receive of His provision, protection, and blessing.
Jesus Christ is Holy God, our exalted Priest King to whom we must bend the knee in loving, reverential awe.
True repentance is founded on God's grace, and is essential for honor, service, and worship of God.
It is right and good for the true believer to rejoice in God's righteous judgment of sin so that His love for God is strengthened and His passion for evangelism…
God welcomes the honest expression of our deepest affliction as we earnestly seek and faithfully worship Him.
The only life worth living is the one that is totally consumed with God.
True joy in life is found only through the experience of God's gracious favor as poured out by His Spirit through His eternal, life-giving Word.
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