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The power and perfection of God's Word is clearly revealed in our lives as we joyfully worship Him for His mighty work and carefully conform to His image through His…
Only when we celebrate the power and presence of God are we able to deepen in His love and reflect His holiness.
Praising God for all His worth enables us to rest in God through all our work.
God is pleased to pour out His blessing upon the individual who fears the Lord resulting in blessings to his family and the church of God as a whole.
You must rest in the Lord as your good and merciful Savior so that you might receive of His provision, protection, and blessing.
Jesus Christ is Holy God, our exalted Priest King to whom we must bend the knee in loving, reverential awe.
True repentance is founded on God's grace, and is essential for honor, service, and worship of God.
It is right and good for the true believer to rejoice in God's righteous judgment of sin so that His love for God is strengthened and His passion for evangelism…
God welcomes the honest expression of our deepest affliction as we earnestly seek and faithfully worship Him.
The only life worth living is the one that is totally consumed with God.
True joy in life is found only through the experience of God's gracious favor as poured out by His Spirit through His eternal, life-giving Word.
True worship means to daily live out the glorious gospel of God through the person and work of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
True worshippers must develop committed ministry partnerships through the local church for the purpose of accomplishing God's Work in their community.
The doctrinal and behavioral purity of the church must be passionately guarded at all times so that our Lord Jesus can walk among us with pleasure and joy!
The spiritual vibrancy of the church as cultivated through a passionate commitment to conforming to the image of Christ according to the truth of God’s Word is the primary means…
True worshippers defeat false teachers through the diligent, wise pursuit of that which is good.
True worshippers must be aware of their own sinful weaknesses in order to keep from being led astray by false teaching.

False teaching destroys true worship and must therefore be confronted discerningly, quickly, and comprehensively.
True worshippers must exercise diligence and discernment in exposing false teachers and properly dealing with their error.
True worshippers are constantly being attacked by false teachers and must cultivate the resources necessary to recognize and defeat these attacks.
Those who truly worship God are knit together in deep, lasting relationships as they pursue the work of the ministry.
True worship of God brings a passion for ministry which drives us to powerful prayer with and for fellow believers
The truth of God's Word, illuminated by the power of the Spirit, brings life and hope through the proclamation of Christ's resurrection.

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