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True worship of God brings submission to His authority which drives us to respond submissively to our God-ordained, human governing authority.
True worship provides intimate communion with the God who is good, providing us the desire, wisdom, and strength necessary to overcome evil with good.
True worship brings the deepest trust in the faithfulness and justice of God which allows us to pour out grace upon everyone who treats us in an evil manner.
True worship cultivates the heart of God in us, to feel the needs of people and to come alongside of them, walking with them through the depths of grief and…
True worship brings persecution from those who reject God but also allows the one being persecuted to truly seek God's best for their persecutors.
True worship brings a passion for hospitality as a reflection of the heart of God for His people. Our homes and relationships must exhibit the gracious, peaceful, joyful, contented love…
When we attend to our growth in Christlikeness with diligence, we are kept from stumbling in the assurance that "His divine power has granted to us everything that pertains to…

A truly worshipful church will honor the Lord as the giver of all things by freely and compassionately meeting the needs of the brethren.

Equipped to Love

July 2, 2007

Devotion to prayer expresses our worship in a powerful way and enables us to rejoice in hope and persevere in tribulation.
Joyful endurance is a true measure of sincere worship and is grounded in hope, strengthened in tribulation, and maintained by prayer.
In the heart of every true worshipper of God lies an intense zeal for service to the Lord which enables the body of Christ to reflect God's glory.
Respectful humility flows from true worship and is grounded in esteeming Christ as infinitely valuable and thus valuing others.
True holiness can only be expressed as we cling to what is good by abandoning morality, removing evil input, recognizing sin, cultivating self control, developing godly relationships and trusting that…
True holiness cultivates a hatred of evil through immersion in God's Word, a true fear of the Lord, an understanding of the price paid for our redemption, and a proper…
A worshiping church will display a sincere love for all believers which will be expressed in grace and truth.
The unity and effectiveness of the body of Christ is increased only as diverse spiritual gifts are exercised with grace and diligence.
True humility flows from worship and involves a proper understanding of ourselves, a proper view of the body of Christ, and a proper exercise of our spiritual gifts.

Living the Love of God

April 22, 2007

Truly worshipful music must honor God in attitude- thankfulness, in arena- heart, in audience- God alone, and in action- Christ-honoring variety.
The resurrection of Jesus is a joyful reality that prepares us to live with hope, joy, peace, comfort, and evangelistic fervor.

Worship Through Music

April 1, 2007
Truly worshipful music must be Spiritual- saturated with the Word of God, Edifying- teaching every believer, and God-honoring- all for His glory.
Corporate worship must edify believers through preaching the Word, prayer, reading Scripture, giving, and administering the ordinances.